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Rental Agreement Example

Camera Rental Contract ____ Upon rental of Canon XL1 Camera it was tested in view of me and checked out to be in fine working condition. ________ I Agree to be responsible to any damages that may occur during the time I am renting the Camera, are while the Camera is in my possession. ________ I Agree to put down a $1600 deposit in which any damages that occur to the camera may be taken out of _____ I Agree to forfeit the total deposit if the Camera is destroyed. Deposit will be refunded if There are know damages to Camera. _______ I Agree to turn the Camera back in at the stated time of ____________________ and if late will be charged a late fee of $10 an hour for up to 5 hours late and one hundred dollars a day for any time longer. ________I Agree upon returning of the Camera their will be a inspection of the unit which I will be present at and will be responsible for any damages their may be. ________I will not hold Camera Rental Company responsible for any issue that may affect the quality of the video ________I Agree to test the Camera to insure it is recording properly before using for event. ________ I Agree to a payment of $100 minimum fee for rental of camera up to 24Hours. Renter Sign ___________________________________Date____________ Signature___________________________________ Date_____________ Company Personal sign ___________________________Date___________

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